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How Solar WQorks - South Carolina Solar- Solar Power for your homeHow Solar Works

Many wonder How a solar works? Solar panels have been around for a long time but recently have come down in price. This makes installing a new system much more affordable for a homeowners.  For the first time ever, South Carolina homeowners have a choice on where to get the energy.  This choice allows homeowners to truly become energy independent when solar is a good fit. 

How Solar Works  in a Solar Energy System

There are a few components that make up a solar energy system.

  1. Solar Panels – the solar photovoltaic panels installed on your roof collect energy from the sun. These panels connect together in a string called a solar array. This energy  and are connected together in a solar array. 
  2. Optimizers – are devices used to help each panel to be as efficient as possible.
  3. Inverter – convert DC electricity to AC electricity which is what your appliances use to run.
  4. Solar Meter – measures the amount of energy you produce and tracks production of your solar panels.
  5. Net Meter – this device connects to your solar meter to keep track of energy you sell to the grid and the energy you pull from the grid.

When the sun shines by day, your solar system collects energy. Any excess energy is solar back to the grid at retail rates. At night when you are not producing electricity, the power companies meter allows energy to flow back to you from the grid as needed. This works like an energy savings account where you deposit and withdraw as needed.