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Need to know about solar design and installation

Solar Installation

Initial Consultation: The Solar Installation process starts with an initial consultation by one of our experienced Solar specialists. During this initial consultation, we will educate you on the benefits of switching to solar power for your home. We will answer your questions and gather information on your historical energy usage. If solar is a good fit for you, we have a 6 step process to help guide you through the transition.

Site Survey: We will measure your roof, evaluate your home’s structural integrity, document how your home sits geographically on your property, see where you will receive best sunlight and inspect your existing electrical panel. This process can normally be accomplished within 48 hours after your decision to switch to solar power.

System Design: Our team of engineers will design a solar array specifically to fit on your roof. This process includes engineered drawings of the solar panel layout on CAD for your roof. Once these drawings are completed, we will send you a copy for your approval.

Permitting: Our team will submit drawings to your homeowners association and/or Architectural Review Board for approval. Once approved, we will ensure that all of the necessary electrical and structural permits are pulled with the local municipality.

Installation: A member of our operations department will call you to schedule your installation. Since all of our installers are employees, we can control the quality of our work. Our certified and trained technicians will take their time and ensure your complete satisfaction throughout the installation process.

Inspection: After we do an internal quality check of the installation, we will schedule a final inspection with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to get a final approval for your solar system installation.

Permission To Operate (PTO): After the final inspection has been completed, we contact your utility company to schedule their inspection which will lead to your PTO. After your granted PTO by your utility, you can start your way towards energy independence and generating your own clean energy from solar.