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How Solar WQorks - South Carolina Solar- Solar Power for your homeHow Solar Works

I’m sure if you like many South Carolinians, you have wondered how solar works? Solar panel technology has not changed that much over recent years but the economics have.  South Carolina has some of the best Solar incentives in the country. Installing a solar electric system allows you to produce the same energy you currently purchase from your utility company.  You can use the savings from your electric bill to pay towards the ownership of your solar hardware.

 Solar Energy System Components

  1. Solar Panels – solar panels installed on your roof collect light from the sun and convert the light into DC electricity. 
  2. Optimizers – are devices used to help each panel to be as efficient as possible.
  3. Inverter – converts the collected DC electricity to AC electricity which is what your appliances use to run.
  4. Solar Meter – measures the amount of energy you produce and tracks production of your solar panels.
  5. Net Meter – this device connects to your solar meter to keep track of energy you sell to the grid and the energy you pull from the grid.

Your solar energy system collects light from the sun by day and send power into your home or business. Excess energy is sold back to your utility company and placed in an energy savings account. When night falls and your no longer collecting energy, you make withdrawals from the account as needed.  Your monthly statement shows all deposits and withdrawals just like a bank statement.