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Gov. Nicky Haley signed the net metering bill into law last year in South Carolina. This is making it possible for some homeowners to swap their power bill for a solar bill and end up owning their power within  years. That’s right, no electricity bill, who wouldn’t want that. Net metering allows you to sell your excess energy back to the grid by day while overproducing and pulling what you need from the grid when the sun is down. This acts like an energy savings account between you and your utility.


Homeowners in the Greenville-Spartanburg, Columbia-Lexington and Charleston-Summerville areas are installing residential solar panels in great numbers. Many reasons are motivating this adoption of residential solar panel installation in South Carolina. Solar Energy has been a very popular initiative because in many cases you can switch from your utility to solar energy at little to no cost. Lowering your carbon footprint is good for the environment and going solar is also good for your wallet. When you switch to solar power, you are setting yourself up for long term energy independence.


Did you know that Duke energy has one of the best incentive programs for homeowners to switch to solar energy from traditional utility services. While incentives last for early adopters, homeowners can receive a rebate of $1 per watt back to help offset the cost of your solar array and residential solar installation. Make sure to take advantage while this tremendous rebate is available.


Homeowners served by Santee Cooper can take advantage of a generous rebate incentive of $1.30 pew watt up to the first 4 kW.

SCE&G Solar Rebate

SCE&G Solar Rebate Update

The SCE&G Solar rebate has already reached its fulfillment level for residential solar panel system installation in South Carolina. These solar rebates will be discontinued based on what has already been installed and what is scheduled to be turned on and granted permission to operate by the utility. Adoption of solar energy in South Carolina is at an all time high.

Santee Cooper Solar Rebate
Santee Cooper Solar Rebate

Santee Cooper Solar Rebate (2017)Santee Cooper Solar Rebate

If you currently live in the Santee Cooper service area, pay attention to this post. The Santee Cooper Solar Rebate was changed to offer homeowners up to $9600 to make the switch to clean solar energy.

Take advantage of the Santee Cooper Solar Rebate while it remains available!

This is the time to really take a look at solar energy for your home. Solar is booming in South Carolina which saw over 300% growth for 2016 our installed solar capacity.

Santee Cooper is helping their clients make the switch to solar energy by paying $1.60 per installed watt of solar energy up to a maximum of $9600. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity which will be ending in November of 2017.

Santee Cooper Solar

The Santee Cooper Solar division  handles interconnections of its clients solar energy systems to the grid.

With the current Santee Cooper Solar Rebate in place, this is a deal that is too good to pass up.

South Carolina Solar is here to help

We work closely with Santee Cooper to help homeowners make the switch to solar energy for their homes.

Solar is not a fit for everyone but our friendly staff will help you determine if your home qualifies. When solar is a good fit for you, you can enjoy these fantastic benefits:

1. Eliminate most or all of your electricity bill for good

2. Reallocate money you would normally spend for your electricity bill and invest that money towards your solar hardware which is an asset.

3. Fix you payment for life with no increases

4. Increase your property value

5. Own your power supply in a few short years

Energy Efficiency Options

South Carolina Solar will also help you evaluate & identify simple solutions that can help you decrease your electricity consumption.

Many homeowners we are currently working with are seeing huge energy savings with our hybrid hot water heater. In many cases, this one improvement can help slash $30-$40 a month off your electric bill.

Ask your project manager how you can qualify for a FREE WAYER HEATER UPGRADE.

Is it expensive to switch to Solar Energy?

The answer is a resounding NO! Our Solar Loan products allow you to have your system installed with NO out of pocket expenses.

Loan payments are low and are designed to mimic what you normally would pay on your electricity bill.

If your going to have to pay for power anyway, wouldn’t you rather invest that money into something you will own versus throwing it away on a bill?

How can I get qualified?

1. Gather your last 12 months consumption figures from Santee Cooper and enter them into the form on this page along with your address, phone and email.

2. Submit your request and a project manager from South Carolina Solar will can you to discuss your request and ask a little about your home.

3. Our design team will look at your home from space and create a custom solar array design for your home.

4. Your project manager will schedule a meeting with you to go over our findings and educate you on all aspects of switching to solar.

5. If it’s a fit and you’re home qualifies, you can kick back and relax and we will do everything for you from start to finish. No hassles, no worries.